Beans & Blends Indian Dal

$ 17.50

Our desire to create a "gone all day" series of recipes using heirloom beans came from the popularity of our Indian Dal recipe for curried lentils. We developed our curried bean tortilla & tacos, and a Thai style bean, vegetable and coconut curry soup, both of which can be left for 9-10 hours to cook.

We paired the small, dense, spherical, and meaty Pinquito or "pink" beans from Rancho Gordo with our Indian Dal Spice Blend. Pinquitos will maintain their shape over long, slow cooking.

Using the simplicity and ease of our "no-soak method" and a recipe card included in the bag, the Beans & Blends collection offers meat-free options using natural, whole food ingredients.

The burlap bag with branded tag comes packed with 1lb of beans, 1 pouch of 2 Indian Dal Slow Cooker Spice Blends, and 2 printed recipes for 2 different meals!

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