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Want to start using your slow cooker or pressure cooker, but aren't sure how? Follow these 6 simple steps.

Jane and Meg


1. Get your cooker ready to go.

Multi-cookers: Instant Pot and Slow Cooker

If you are new to slow cooking or pressure cooking, Zen of Slow Cooking has simple guides to choosing a cooker and to get to know your cookerIf you have one already, but haven’t been using it - that’s ok. Pull it out, make some space, wipe it clean and plug it in...then the fun can begin!


2. Choose from dozens of delicious recipes. 
Here are a few of our favorite recipes with less than 10 minutes prep time:

Montage of Zen of Slow Cooking finished dishes

Explore our entire collection of globally inspired recipes. Filter them quickly by Zen blend, lifestyle choice (such as gluten-free or vegetarian), prep time and your favorite protein. We’ve made it easy to print, download or bookmark, too.


3. Get your pantry essentials. 

Get your pantry essentials for slow cooking and pressure cooking, or Instant Pot

Some essential pantry items are perfect for slow cooking and pressure cooking. Check our tips for success to choose the best ones for your kitchen.

Spices and herbs are some of the most important ingredients in slow cooking and pressure cooking. They give your dish depth of flavor by infusing into the rest of your ingredients during cooking. Without the right balance, your finished dish can taste bland.

The good news: we have a shortcut! You can season your pot perfectly and transform your cooking with a convenient Zen of Slow Cooking spice blend. Our sampler pack is a great place to start, or find out where to buy our blends near you.

I love using online shopping because it saves time searching the aisles. Once those ingredients are in my ‘favorites’, it’s so easy to buy again. It’s a great way to avoid impulse purchases, too!” - Jane


4. Easy prep.

Easy prep recipes for slow cooker and pressure cooker or Instant pot

 Our recipes are designed for busy lives, so prep time is always 20 minutes or less.

“I make my prep-time 'media-free' and use that time as a way to create 10-20 minutes in my day for reflection. It's part of the ‘Zen’ in the Zen of Slow cooking." - Meg


5. Set to cook and enjoy the gift of time!

Enjoy the gift of time while your meal is cooking

 The best part about slow cooking or pressure cooking is that it’s a set-it-and-forget-it cooking process. Whether you leave for the day knowing you’re coming home to a delicious slow cooked meal, or you use the pressure cook time to gather the kids or pour a glass of wine, it’s your chance to live and breathe before you serve your nourishing meal.

I love how the kitchen fills up with aromas and my family arrives home knowing there’s a delicious dinner waiting for us.” - Jane


6. Gather 'round your dinner table.

Meal preparation

It’s time to enjoy your meal with the people you care about! Sit down with your family, partner or friends and have a conversation over a delicious, shared meal.

“My slow cooker has helped me be a guest at my own table, because I don’t have to be up and down to the kitchen before the meal. I like that it means I can be present with my family at dinner time.” - Meg 

We'd love to hear how you get on! If this guide has helped you, please get in touch.