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My personal and professional background:  I grew up in a gorgeous rural setting, the youngest of 3 children. My parents were kind, loving, hard working, philanthropic and fun! My mom cooked every meal from scratch using organic foods. Fast forward too many years than I care to count, and I'm now the mom of 4 very active teenagers. I changed hats from "working mom" to "stay-at-home-mom" 17 years ago when my second child was born. I first entered the business world after college as a Human Resource Accountant. I managed everything numbers in HR. It was the perfect marriage of my academic strength in math, combined with my love of interacting with and helping people.

My oldest child left for college in 2016 and I decided to start the journey back to the business world. I had my dream vision of what the perfect job would look like, and somehow my dream came true with Zen of Slow Cooking.

When I'm not working or spending time with my family:  My passion is running. I run for both myself and for my family.

A few of my very favorite things that bring Zen in life:  The many family dinners shared with meals prepared using my favorite Zen blend - Tuscan. My absolute favorite breakfast is any one that's shared with friends at a small and loved local breakfast restaurant. My favorite place to be at home is sitting on my covered front porch; I absolutely love starting my days there reading and having a cup of coffee in the early morning, watching the sun rise over the pond across the street. I equally love ending my days there answering e-mails, reflecting and giving thanks. 

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