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Founder / Co-Creator

What I love about my work:  I love to create and connect. My work allows me to do both! Working with our team allows me to put my creative energy to work in building the business and I love knowing that we are doing something to make the world better.

Professional background:  I worked in event management beginning my career in the hospitality industry and eventually in the trade show business.

When I’m not working:  I enjoy walking my dog in the Open Lands Nature Preserve near my home and practicing yoga twice a week at my favorite yoga studio, Forever Om. I love sipping a Manhattan during the cold Chicago winters or a Fever-Tree Bitter Lemon with Perrier during a hot summer evening. I meet my dear friend Kate for coffee at the Glencoe Roast, watch old movies on a Friday night with my husband and, most of all, enjoy the many insights and observations of the world while traveling with my three children.  

Favorite ice cream flavor:  Peanut butter and chocolate or Terras sea salt caramel!

Favorite spice blend:  While I love all of our blends, I probably use Coq au Vin most often. It’s perfect for a rich Coq au Vin worthy of a dinner party and also creates a delicious marinade for grilled chicken.

Most memorable dining experience:  My childhood family dinners. My mother spent each afternoon searching the Chicago Tribune or pouring through recipe books to create something delicious for dinner. Our family dinners were served in our dining room by candlelight and lasted at least an hour each evening.

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