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Co-Creator | Chief Operating Officer 


What I love about my work:  It's a family affair and Zen of Slow Cooking is my third child. I’m passionate about it. It has helped me learn to let go of expectations and embrace new things, taught me to recognize when I’m pushing too hard in one direction, and that I'm happy when I’m busy building a resilient enterprise.

Favorite spice blend:  I love them all, but the one which gathers most people around my table has to be my favorite: Smoky BBQ. Oh and when people tell me that they don't like curry at all, and then we convert them with our Curried Lentil dip!

Most memorable dining experience:  At 8 years old picking winkles from their shells in a bistro beside the sea in Brittany, France. 

Favorite ice cream flavor:  Pineapple Coconut Paletas from my local Mexican grocery store in Chicago.

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