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If your cooker is new to you and you're seeking some guidance, let us help you unpack it.

slow cooker

The anatomy of your slow cooker explained:

  • Outer Pot - Holds the controls and the heating element inside
  • Control Panel - Basic high and low heat settings, more advanced models may include warming and timer functions
  • Inner Pot - Basic models contain a ceramic insert, while more advanced models may include a stove-proof aluminum insert
  • Lid - Simple glass or aluminum lid 

The anatomy of your multi-cooker explained:

  • Outer Pot - Holds all the controls and the heating element
  • Control Panel - What drives the ship, with programmable and manual functions
  • Inner Stainless Steel Pot - What your food cooks in
  • Condensation Collector - Collects escaped steam
  • Lid - Arrows line up to make closing easy
  • Handle - Twist and lift to seal and unseal the lid
  • Float Valve - Stays down when no pressure, pops up when at full pressure
  • Pressure Release Valve - Venting option for steam release after cooking and sealing option for anytime you use the pressure cook function
  • Silicone Ring - Seals the pot, and should be removed for cleaning and fitted back into the rim

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