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Dip into our world of Zen kitchen botanics...

We are two busy moms who have created our own custom premium spice blends to enhance and simplify the slow cooking experience.

Our Zen Blends feature...
    Our Whole Spice Infusions are the zen of slow cooking's signature blends. We package each blend in a natural fiber tea bag making this innovative and unique product ideally designed for slow cooking. Each bag contains a mix of premium whole spices and herbs whose natural essential oils release their flavors optimally over the long, slow cooking period in a slow cooker or Crock Pot. 

    Our Ground Spice Blends show the versatility of the zen of slow cooking. Using our ground blends we've got breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert covered.

    We hand blend our Zen products from small batches of fresh dried herbs and spices to provide the flavor foundations for a range of cuisines from around the world. Wherever possible we source organically.

    ...discover how our premium spice blends can bring a little more Zen into your life. 


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