Drishti Donation

The soul of the zen of slow cooking lies in our desire to help the home cook find a little more Zen in the kitchen and our heart lies in dream of helping adults with developmental challenges find independence in life through slow cooking.

Drishti Donation “our slow cooking initiative, where insight meets action”

When we launched the zen of slow cooking food blog we wanted to bring a little more Zen into the life of the home cook. But it is through the proceeds of our Zen Blends that we can fulfill our long term dream of empowering individuals with disabilities to gain independence in the kitchen through slow cooking.

Each time you purchase one of our Zen Blends we make a contribution on your behalf to our Drishti Donation. Your donation enables us to offer complimentary cooking classes to adults with developmental challenges as well as to donate a slow cooker for their community kitchen. As our young business grows so does our vision to offer employment opportunities for adults with developmental challenges and other workplace barriers.

Through our hands on cooking classes, we share the things that we enjoy about slow cooking;  the simplicity and ease with which to prepare a recipe, the delicious aroma that fills your home while your meal simmers away and the Zen like quality you experience when you can put together a meal for your family or a group with ease. In creating our Drishti Donation we are building an educational component to our company, an essential part of the experience. Giving those who, under normal circumstances, don’t have the capacity to a cook meal for themselves the opportunity to cook as part of a larger group experience.

In our slow cooking classes: we connect people to each other, we educate them on simple slow cooking techniques, we believe they can gain independence through slow cooking, we share a meal in their community and we dream that through our slow cooker donation their lives will become a little fuller and will foster opportunities for them to come together and cook together.

If you would like us to teach a cooking class in your area or are interested in donating a slow cooker to our initiative, please send us an email at Drishti Donation.  If you want to see us in action, please click the video clip below.


connect                   educate                 believe                share              dream

In addition, we realized our dream to create employment for adults with disabilities by partnering with Planet Access Company. The Slow Cooker Spice Blend pouches are packaged with care by adults at Planet Access Company (PAC).

PAC provides training and employment for adults with developmental disabilities.