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Where do you buy your herbs and spices?

It’s important that we have suppliers whom we trust and who are trading fairly with their suppliers and with us.

Our Zen blends use a combination of organic, non-irradiated and Non-GMO spices from trusted sources in Illinois and Oregon.

Our suppliers import from their trusted producers. They test their herbs and spices in house. 

Do your blends contain salt?

How do I use your Whole Spice Infusion?

How did you come up with the idea of a Whole Spice Infusion?

How are Zen Blends different?

What does the word “Drishti” mean?

Can you explain your Drishti Donation in more detail?

What is a B Corp?

Why did you decide to become a B Corp?

Tell us more about Planet Access Company?

What is a sofi Award?

How much is shipping? (U.S.)

When will I receive my order?

What is your privacy policy?

How secure is my payment method?