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Your decision will depend on how you see yourself using the cooker in your home.

How many people are you going to be cooking for? To feed a family of 4-5 people the 4 qt size is sufficient for family dining, but the 6-7qt model gives added capacity to scale-up for guests and parties.

Where will you keep your cooker? On your countertop or stored away? Check the dimensions, as you might be surprised at the space they can take up.

How frequently will you use it? If you'll be using it more than once a week, our extensive testing showed that the more pricey brands also deliver the best durability.

When are you likely to prep? In the morning (for slow cooking) or before dinner (for pressure cooking)? 

Do you want the convenience of multi-pot cooking? Having the sauté function means you don’t need to use (or wash!) a separate pan.

What appliances do you already have? Is there anything special you’d like to cook in addition to classic soups, stews and chili? Get a multi-cooker if you want to make rice, eggs, cakes or even yogurt! 

Want to embrace the century-old tradition of slow-cooking? We recommend picking a programmable slow cooker with a keep-warm function to avoid burning your dishes.


Here are some critically-acclaimed cookers available on Amazon to get you started: 

Cookers that Meg and Jane personally use and recommend: