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Welcome to Zen. If you would like to receive a weekly recipe or update from the Zen of Slow Cooking please go to the Home page, click on the “Follow Us” button at the top right hand side and enter your details. You will receive an email asking you to confirm that you have requested email updates, please confirm!

Where to find us 


Full Bloomed Lotus

LEAD Wellness Fair Saturday November 3rd.

Magical Market

Sense, Slow Cook & Savor: an evening of Movement and Dessert Friday March 15th

Cove School 5K: Saturday 22nd June

Spotlight on Wellness: Anthropologie, Highland Park, IL.  August 25th

Lake Forest Farmers’ Market: July – October 2013

“Reinvent your slow cooker” event at Williams Sonoma, Lake Forest. November 21st.

“Shark Tank” presentations by our Lake Forest College Business Entrepreneurship class. Tuesday, November 26th from 5 pm – 7 pm in the City Council Chambers

Women To Women Holiday Gathering for House of Peace Shelter – an evening of shopping. Tuesday, December 3rd 6-9pm, Lake Forest Club.

Gorton Holiday Boutique for Christmas Gifts, stocking fillers and more. Wednesday 4th December 2-6pm.

Woodlands Academy Holiday Boutique, Tuesday December 10th 1-5pm, 6-8pm & Wednesday 11th, 9am – 3pm.

22 thoughts on “Follow Us

    • Great! I’ve added your email to our database, please look out for a confirmation email which you will need to click on to confirm.

  1. I’d love to receive your updates please. Just dusting off the slow cooker and looking forward to easier meal cooking with two little children!

    • Great! Thanks Sasha. I hope Isla and Archer will love the food too. The lentil recipe would be a good place to start for you as Vegetarians.

  2. Just ‘found’ your site & look forward to trying some recipes. Also I would like to receive updates. Thanks.

    • Wonderful! I just signed you up. All you need to do is press confirm when you receive an email from WordPress – how did you find us? Meg

  3. would love to receive your slow-cooker recipes “a la Julia Child” for the Beef Stroganoff and the Chicken Coq au Vin. with twin chilldren at school ater countless activities directly following, my “slow cooker’ has been an invaluable asset. Thank you.
    Alec Burden

  4. I’m excited to try your recipes.
    If I could make a suggestion, stop using yellow for the color of any text — Users can see, it and you’re often using it for text that should instead stand out.

    • Dear Barbara

      Thank you for your comment, we take our followers suggestions seriously and try to ensure that your experience on our website is favorable.

      The yellow you refer to denotes a hyperlink which takes you directly to an embedded link, webpage, or image usually. This is pre-determined by the website. Outside of these hyperlinks, could you be more specific as to which yellow text you mean? That would be helpful and I can take a look.

      thank you

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