Chicken Tortilla Soup

Last week we shared some of John des Rosiers kitchen skills for the home cook from his Chicken Tortilla Soupprofessional kitchen at Inovasi. Meg wanted some tips to help become a more functional cook, since most of us never receive any formal training. I admitted that I had been cooking for a long time before confessing to my cack-handed approach to chopping. Continue reading

Parsnip Soup with Crispy Pancetta

As the festivities envelope us I’m looking forward to Grandma arriving from England to stay Top with crispy pancettaand it’s a joy for my girls to have an overdue two weeks of unrestricted access. With Grandma life is different, and pleasingly so. We often find ourselves sitting down to morning coffee, and cake, followed by lunch, then afternoon tea, and…yes you’ve guessed it, cake again. Continue reading